Verizon launches LTE around December 5th

Verizon launches LTE around December 5th
As you already know today is the day for Verizon's press conference, which is supposed to answer all questions about Big Red's launch of the "world’s first large-scale 4G LTE network". The carrier is expected to announce the big date for the roll-out of its LTE network and most sources agree that we are just several days away from the grand launch on December 5th.

Along with that, Verizon will showcase a couple of 4G LTE USB modems as well as the 4G SIM cards that arrived earlier in some Verizon stores. The modems are the LG VL600 thumbstick and the Pantech UML290. The latter has the looks of a Swiss army knife and even a dual-jointed USB port for your plugging convenience, but we are yet to see if the speeds the modem will match the expectations. And expectations are high with speeds advertised to be up to 10 times faster than what current 3G offers and coverage expected for 38 metro areas and 60 airports. The USB modems will go on sale in stores on December 5th. In the meantime, take a look at the pictures below and see the new gadgets for yourselves.

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7. Whyme unregistered

If you want to get technical about it, no one (not even Verizon) have 4G. The ITU already stated that only WiMax 2 and LTE Advance are "true" 4G. Both Verizon and Sprint has the ability to switch to their respective upgrade. Sprint also has the ability to switch to LTE as well if necessary (Now if they have the financial power to do so is another story). Let's wait and see what Verizon charge for LTE on their smartphones, in addition to real world use, before making assumptions that one technology and telecom company will dominate in the United States.

6. Jojofromdabay

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Russki u are right

5. Russki

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jrsaiza05... what u dont understand is that no body HAS 4G. Wimax is NOT 4g. HSPA+ is NOT 4G. What sprint and t-mobile, and att have is an advanced version of a 3g network. Verizon is putting up the largest LTE network which is 4G. Initial speeds are going to compete at the same levels as HSPA+ and Wimax, and coverage is going to be roughly the same. BUT, LTE will be the dominating network. Why? because it is being adopted worldwide and is capable of speeds of over 100 megabits per second (thats almost 10 times faster what sprint is offering now with their "4G"). And why is Verizon going to dominate the market? Because they own the largest amount of that spectrum, and they have been pumping billions into this new infrastructure for almost 24 months. Thats a 12-18 month lead over every other carrier.

8. Cameltowing unregistered

Actually Russki is exactly wrong. The ITU stated that LTE-ADVANCED and WIMAX 2 are "4G". LTE and WIMAX do NOT qualify as "4G", but they are the backbone on which to build 4G. Tmobiles HSPA+? not even close.

4. jrsaiza05 unregistered

verizon is wack!!! there always rushing into things. the only reason there rushin into it is because sprint has " the first and only 4g network" and they want to compete . it proves that their doing this at all costs. they want to be number one but what are they willing to lose. they are going to see a lost in coverage, greater churn. hands down to att it will make them look good.

1. souleater93

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What about the 4G phones?

2. Corpsemaker

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3. jherz6

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Any where to find info on these devices?, besides phone arena.

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