Verizon introduces a new 3G Network Extender

Verizon introduces a new 3G Network Extender
Last year we reviewed the Verizon Wireless Network Extender, which is a Samsung SCS−26UC4 Femtocell that connects to your home's internet with a CAT5 Ethernet cable and allows your Verizon phones to use it as a mini cell tower for calls. This was good news for people tho had poor coverage at home. Unfortunately, at that time data was limited to using the slower 1X connection speeds, but earlier this year at CES 2010 we saw that a 3G Samsung SCS-2U01 model was in the works. It has taken some time, but starting today Verizon is now selling the new 3G Network Extender, which offers 3G Data using EVDO Rev A/0, but still remains backwards-compatible with 1X devices. Another benefit of this new 3G Network Extender is that it allows up to 8 phone to be connected to it at once, were the original model only allowed 3 (plus 1 for 911). You can pick-up the Samsung 3G Network Extender SCS-2U01  for $249.99 and it uses your current Verizon calling plan and data plan, which means you don't have to pay extra per-month to use it, as it will deduct used minutes and data from whatever plan you have.

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3. Mark7thH unregistered

Verizon sent me the wrong one at first. I finally got the correct 3G version. Problem is that both always set all phones back 1 hour because it gets your location incorrect. On Google Latitude it always shows me like 25 miles SW of where I am and there's a time zone difference at that point. With it turned off my time is always correct. Verizon nor Samsung can't, or won't, do anything about this issue for some reason. So if it's 3:30pm local your phone always shows 2:30pm & I use the Droid X with a lot of calendar events that get messed up. You have to go in and manually set the time, if your phone allows it. Wish that was fixed. Then, speeds are usually quite horrible. Considering I have a 10+Mbps cable broadband connection I barely get over 1Mbps on my cell. Why the 3G speed is so slow over this device I don't understand. When I'm away from my home in a better signal area I get double the speed with a weaker 3G signal. Calls though are a lot better but people complain it sounds like your voice comes in waves. In reality, the thing's really only worth maybe $50 at the most. And, you're using YOUR bandwidth not Verizon's. And they brag they won't charge you any extra. They should discount your service since it's going through your wired broadband connection. Summing it up, it's a nice looking device but I didn't get it for its looks and it sure didn't deliver on its promise of higher speeds or better call quality. But, no calls have been dropped.

2. disatisifed customer unregistered

tell the truth verizon more fucking shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from scum bag wireless

1. disatisifed customer unregistered

VERIZON 1X NETWORK EXTENDER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FALSE ADVERTISING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO 3G TELL THE TRUTH VERIZON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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