Verizon iPhone found to be more reliable for calling, but slower with data

Verizon iPhone found to be more reliable for calling, but slower with data
It's nearly February 3rd, and that means pre-orders for Verizon's iPhone are about to begin. But are you sure about biting into the Big Red Apple? A review from The Wall Street Journal shows that Verizon's take on the iPhone might not be a perfect solution.

AT&T has been harassed by customers and critics alike for their abhorrent dropped call rates with the iPhone. Even so, their exclusivity agreement, combined with the overwhelming appeal of the iPhone, have made the AT&T iPhone a success all the same. Consumers have anticipated that the Verizon iPhone will be a much more reliable device.

But according to The Journal, the Verizon iPhone suffers from vastly slower data speeds than AT&T's iPhone. The AT&T iPhone averaged 45% faster download speeds, and 24% faster upload speeds than Verizon's. On the other hand, the Verizon iPhone experienced only a few dropped calls, while the AT&T model suffered multiple dropped calls each day.

And there are other considerations. For one thing, you can't use data while on a voice call with Verizon's iPhone, but you can with AT&T's. Also, the AT&T iPhone is a GSM device, and therefore more internationally compatible, while Verizon's is CDMA. Voice calling is, traditionally, the priority, but faster data speeds might be enough to keep iPhone owners with AT&T. What do you think?

source: The Wall Street Journal

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