Verizon iPhone 4 unlocked to work with other CDMA networks

Verizon iPhone 4 unlocked to work with other CDMA networks
Verizon and AT&T are desperately struggling to differentiate their iPhones from one another. One criticism that AT&T has leveled against the Verizon iPhone 4 is its incompatibility abroad, given that it's a CDMA device. Now, employees at China Telecom have announced that they have successfully unlocked the CDMA iPhone to work on their network.

Last week, employees of the Guangdong branch of China Telecom blogged that they were working on cracking the Verizon iPhone 4. Then on Tuesday, the 'Apple Lab Team' announced that the "CDMA iPhone 4 has made its first call in China". While it might not be what Sprint customers were waiting to hear, it's encouraging to know that it can be done.

The Guangdong team blogged that the "Windows version of Greenpois0n didn't work...[but] A switch to the Mac version of Greenpois0n was a success." We're anything but surprised that one of the first off-Verizon CDMA iPhone calls was made in China. Jailbroken phones, iPhones in particular, have become the norm.

While the iPhone 4 has been available to both China Unicom and China Mobile, both GSM networks, China Telecom (CDMA) has been unable to use even jailbroken iPhones. Now, we may see an influx of jailbroken Verizon iPhones making their way to China, at least until an official version is made available. When the CDMA iPhone 4 does make its way to China (officially), it will need a SIM slot in order to comply with Chinese standards.

source: The Wall Street Journal

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iPhone 4 Verizon
  • Display 3.5" 640 x 960 pixels
  • Camera 5 MP / 0.3 MP VGA front
  • Processor Apple A4, Single core, 1000 MHz
  • Storage 32 GB
  • Battery 1420 mAh(7.00h talk time)



1. luis_lopez_351

Posts: 951; Member since: Nov 18, 2010

"While it might not be what Sprint customers were waiting to hear, it's encouraging to know that it can be done" so is it possible for sprint or not O_O -_- hate mix signals

12. Jeradiah3

Posts: 1149; Member since: Feb 11, 2010

it'll be possible on sprint because os the similariities with verizon. give it time and you'll see. hopefully sprint will have its version of the i-phone on WiMax

2. applesauce unregistered

It's a CDMA phone: all you have to do is unlock it then have the carrier program it with your number. Same thing with GSM: unlock, put your SIM in it.

3. lsutigers

Posts: 832; Member since: Mar 08, 2009

Problem is Sprint has it's network locked to only Sprint branded devices whose ESN's are in their systems. Meaning, a Verizon iphone will not work due to this restriction of the Now Network.

4. Kevin unregistered

Clear and simple for those wondering about it working with Sprint. If it's not registered in Sprint's ESN database, then it's not going to work. There are ways to hack an ESN but is highly illegal and will warrant an arrest from government officials.

5. phoneguru173

Posts: 54; Member since: Apr 09, 2008

WHY would you take some an excellent handset and put it on such a CRAP network?! That's like putting 87 octane in your Porsche!? Just doesn't make any sense. LMOA

6. cheetah2k

Posts: 2271; Member since: Jan 16, 2011

The same reason why I had a programmed TurboSIM ghosting an AT&T sim to run the original 2G iPhone on the Vodafone network in Hong Kong when it first came out back in 2007. Carrier locking phones is seriously fcuked IMO, especially when not everyone uses AT&T or Verizon in the US you LMOA douche.

7. jroc74

Posts: 6023; Member since: Dec 30, 2010

Really...I hate that a phone I might want isnt on my carrier. Like now, I might have to leave Verizon, Sprint doesnt have a phone I really want right now, AT&T has 1 so far, the others I want all might be on T Mo... Carrier locking sucks.

14. vollick11

Posts: 8; Member since: Jan 15, 2011

Well the fact is the best to carries are Verizon and AT&T, there is not question that they are hands down the best out there. They have been proven the fastest and the with the most data coverage. So if you dont have either switch, its that simple.

11. crack187 unregistered

Well, they put it on Verizon. How much crappier can it get? Thanks for playing. Do try again.

8. kingofkickz

Posts: 5; Member since: Oct 14, 2010

yes!!!! now i can activate an iphone 4 on cricket!!!

9. eastLagurl unregistered

Well i live in La in the ghetto side of town and well over here everyone has phones from verizon and sprint flashed on metro pcs. They have droid xs and htc evos working on metro cuz they have cheap plans . I know for a fact that sooner or later someone is going to have a verizon iphone flashed on metro since metro uses cdma . Because were i live i know a few people that want an iphone on metro pcs and now that they can do it im pretty sure they will. Before when the iphone was att only they cudnt cuz it used sim cards. So yeaaa.

13. tinamcbride unregistered

Damm like seriously some people cant handle the truth!! Just cuz they dont approve of something they thumb people down what a bunch of losers all east la gurl said its that sooner or later someone is going to activate a verizon iphone on metro piece of shit . Dont even get me started that it cant be done cuz bullshit there are ways to do it cuz they both use cdma . And someone is going to do it soon just wait and see..

15. Irish unregistered

No matter what cell phone company you go to youre gonna have to deal with some kind of bullshit one way or another. Sprint IS the best in wireless retail. Verizon and AT&T charge you $25 to $30 bucks more a month just for internet, that you have a data cap on anyway, resulting in overage charges. Sprint strictly has their monthly rate plan and a cheap $10 extra a month with NO data caps. Another thing, Verizon and AT&T are NOT working on a 4G network. They have networks that are comparable to a 4G network but no ladies and gentlemen, its not the real thing. Fun Fact: 300,000 Android devices are sold a day, only 125,000 apple products (including ipads and ipod touches) are sold a day. Who seems to be growing faster? Theres no use in trying to guess what cell phone companies are going to come out with next because you never know. Shit, pretty soon our bodies are gonna be cell phones and just start vibrating cause your getting a phone call. Technology people....

16. lolumadbrah unregistered

you know i find it so funny how ppl think that Sprint is like the god of the telecommunitcations world. Sprint is and will forever be a POS service provider. If a company flashes and CDMA phone to work on a different network hey thats awsome cause not all networks have the hottest phones out there. I flash CDMA phones to work on Cricket all the time and i have flashed the iphone4 as well. so why not give the smaller networks a chance to have something nice on their networks

17. Jpope79 unregistered

"lolumadbrah: I flash CDMA phones to work on Cricket all the time and i have flashed the iphone4 as well." Was it successful and did you flash it to Cricket wireless or another carrier in general. I would like to know because i am going back to cricket for cost reasons and do not like the phone options they have currently. So far my best option has been the HTC Evo but would purchase the CDMA iphone 4 to use on cricket in a heartbeat.

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