Verizon customers contacted using illegal autodialer

Verizon customers contacted using illegal autodialer
Don’t you hate it when your cell phone starts to ring and you accept the call to only find some prerecorded message play? This may not happen that much, but it’s become a problem for quite a few Verizon Wireless customers. It seems as though Feature Films for Families Inc. created a prerecorded voice message advertising the upcoming movie “The Velveteen Rabbit” to Verizon Wireless customers and employees. The lawsuit filed by Verizon is aiming to halt the illegal use of an autodialer which made 11,000 calls at an average of one call per 0.32 seconds during one hour on February 13. There were a total of 500,000 calls made by the telemarketing company. Under the FTC Protection Act, autodialers are deemed illegal when used to call mobile phone numbers. So in the mean time, Verizon is filing an additional preliminary injunction against the defendants to stop the phone calls. So if you receive a call about an upcoming movie, your best bet is to quickly press that end button.

via Mobileburn

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