Verizon continuining its post-Sandy cleanup

Verizon continuining its post-Sandy cleanup
Verizon is continuing to make progress following thedevastation of Hurricane Sandy. By Friday, the carrier said that it has 97.2% of its cell sites in the affected area up and running. In most areas, coverage is approaching the levels seen before the storm. In those areas severely affected by Hurricane Sandy, service has not returned to normal and mobile disaster recovery and emergency network assets are being used to provide some service in those areas such as lower Manhattan. Permanent and mobile generators are being used to keep cell sites operational although flooding continues to be a factor.

Verizon has deployed special generator powered mobile units with charging stations to help the public charge cellphones and other equipment. These units also have phones, tablets and other devices to help people contact families and friends. In addition, 81% of Big Red's corporate owned retail locations are up and running and 300 resellers are open for business. Late fees will be waived for customers in the affected areas and those making late payments will not have their service cut off.
In New York City, hotels are allowing those without cellular service to use their Wi-Fi signal to make calls while banks of generator powered outlets are allowing power starved New Yorkers to recharge their mobile devices. The scary thing is that a nor'easter is forecast to hit the same area next week, although it will not be as fierce as Sandy was.

source: Verizon

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