Verizon comes to its senses, gives up $2 "convenience fee"

Verizon comes to its senses, gives up $2 "convenience fee"
One more present to be delivered before the end of the year for Verizon customers. Facing strong negative consumer reaction and the threat of a government investigation, Verizon just announced that they will forgo the "convenience fee" it announced earlier, where customers would have been charged an extra $2 to pay their bills in certain ways (including one-time online payments).

The entire statement is reproduced for you here:

So there you have it. You can continue to send Verizon your money, without having to pay them an extra $2 for the privledge. Verizon intends to try and encourage consumers to select payment methods that are "more efficient" for Verizon - and we can all agree that is a reasonable thing to do, so long as they are trying to make a good and fair case, rather than merely finding another revenue source.

source: Verizon via Engadget


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