Verizon bloat found on Galaxy Nexus

Verizon bloat found on Galaxy Nexus
The day that we've all been dreading has come, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is not quite the pure Android experience we hoped it would be. Verizon bloatware has been found on the device. The icons for the bloatware were found in the new intro video that Google released showing the new Ice Cream Sandwich homescreen, app drawer and widgets.

Admittedly, it is only two apps that have been found at this point: My Verizon Mobile and VZ Backup Assistant, but even those two are likely to draw some rage from users. Of course, the My Verizon Mobile app seems like a perfectly reasonable piece of bloat to have, because having quick access to your Verizon account is definitely handy. On the other hand, the VZ Backup Assistant is absolutely unnecessary since Google automatically syncs your contacts for you. 

Still, this should be a good test for the new app removal tool that Google built into Android 4.0. Since it's only two apps that we've seen, that may be a pretty quick removal process to get back to a plain vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich. Or, if you prefer the nuclear option, we're sure the fastboot unlock, root and remove option will be pretty easy on the Nexus. 

source: Google

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