Verizon asks employees to hold off on iPhone purchases

Verizon asks employees to hold off on iPhone purchases
Verizon is asking employees and their family to hold off on purchasing an Apple iPhone 4 when the device becomes available next week in anticipation of what is likely going to be high-volume sales.

Verizon is surely doing this to ensure that their customers (many of whom have waited forever for this day) get first dibs at the iPhone. Furthermore, the word is that Verizon has actually set up a type of enforcement to make sure their employees abide by this rule. This could very well remain in effect until the demand dies down and their inventory steadies.

Adding to this, if a Verizon employee decides to purchase the iPhone 4 and put it on a business line that the company pays for, the line will automatically be switched to a personal line. This will make the employee responsible for the monthly bill.

Tell us what you think of Verizon’s employee purchase policies for the Apple iPhone 4 in the comments below.

source: TUAW

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iPhone 4 Verizon
  • Display 3.5" 640 x 960 pixels
  • Camera 5 MP / 0.3 MP VGA front
  • Processor Apple A4, Single core, 1000 MHz
  • Storage 32 GB
  • Battery 1420 mAh(7.00h talk time)



1. Yoda unregistered

Its ALmost here. Hope it will come way before the 10th???? Stupid to Pre-Order if it still shows up on the 10th. I need the fastest shipping options.

2. ChineseMuscle

Posts: 47; Member since: Nov 15, 2008

This is just my opinion so don't shoot me: The employees should be the VERY FIRST to obtain ALL of their phones and DEVICES way before they are released to the general public. This will allow people to SEE and WANT to ENQUIRE about a NEW / SOON TO BE RELEASED phone they have NEVER SEEN BEFORE that a Verizon employee is sporting. I say, let the employees SHOW IT OFF!

3. kanon

Posts: 36; Member since: Dec 09, 2010

it is a shame but I worked for in a verizon call center for 10 months and there employees as well as the customers are the least of there concerns VZW only cares about the money. I really wish i could enlighten more people on how horrible of a company it is .

6. android_fan unregistered

I don't think it is just VZW; every carrier is like this. Do you really think ATT will stop bullet for their customer?

8. SprintRep010101 unregistered

As much as employees would like the phone, why would the carrier want to sell phones at a discounted rate to people that will make them no monthly revenue and force paying customers to wait? Sprint employees had to wait 5 months to purchase and Evo or Epic. It sucked, but that's just business..

17. diduhearyourself unregistered

now how in the world can you say "why would the carrier want to sell phones at a discounted rate to people that will make them no monthly revenue and force paying customers to wait?" so employees upselling customers telling them about paid features that they didnt know of, showing them productive apps and feature, and aiding confused customer so they wont return the devices and say its to much for me i'll just keep my regular phone. now how dont employees generate any revenue for a the company???????? that was the stupidest thing you could say workers make the world go around. you should have just said "it's just business" and left it at that, when you said that employees dont generate revenue, and thats what a salemen for a wireless company does for a living you went into dumbness smh employees should get the newest and latest phone either free or dirt cheap so that they can demonstrate the device because yeah we have trainings but the trainings only tell you the basics i know everything i know about all of these smartphone and features phone from hands-on and owning several different device throughout the years not thru training at all, i just do the training and blow thru them cause if you know one device you preety much know them all.

28. Pitteagle42 unregistered

I also work for Verizon as a manager on the front end and have worked for the company for the better part of 8 years. I have seen what happens when an employee has an hot device before our customers can get one. They become irritated because we get special treatment. Being on the back end at the call center you do not have to field that problem; they never see your device. I would much rather keep my customer happy than to give it to my employee first. As a Verizon rep you should know that we need to keep our customers happy first; after all they do pay our bills! I do agree with this policy, let our customers be happy, keep your DASH and NPS up, relax you will get one in due time!

23. elran24

Posts: 14; Member since: Feb 03, 2011

get over it!

4. jay unregistered

As an employee I SHOULD be able to purchase one since I am expected to teach my customers how to use it. We didn't even have them in the training session, yet we are supposed to teach people how to do everything on their damn phones, to include mundane stuff like how to turn your phone On and Off.

13. jtucker1987

Posts: 89; Member since: May 06, 2010

No you shouldn't. Apple is supposed to teach customers how to use the device not you. Apple has complete control of how the product is to be managed. That is why there are online videos on Apple's website and classes you can take at the Apple retail stores. My friend who works at AT&T has said that they are not allowed to mess around with the iPhones. They can teach how to text, make a call or turn on the device that is it (you know the basics). So I'm thinking it's the same for Verizon.

5. Vztechman unregistered

Verizon employees (at least Call Center reps) are already responsible for their bills, but receive about 50% discount... Retail reps on the other hand normally get 'concession' lines that they are not responsible for the bill (other than downloads or taxes). Can you say sucks?!? Since they mostly pay for their service, they should be able to have 1st dibs to be able to assist or market the phone better to customers!

7. Customer's First unregistered

Personally, I think this is a great policy. VZW is addressing the fact that many customers have been waiting, clamoring for this opportunity and they want to ensure the people paying the bills get satisfaction. Many employees get discounts on phone purchases and plans, this includes call centers, so they should wait as they are already receiving benefits not enjoyed by the "paying" customer base.

18. diduhearyourself unregistered

WRONG!!! vzw employees pay full retail price for there devices no insurance and cant upgrade. yeah phone plan is sweet, but im not paying $599.99 for a droid what i did to get my phone was upgrade a line that i have personally then moved the phone to my employee line, and i pay all of my employee line myself dont know why its an employee line if i have to pay for it but that another story, VZW needs to splurge on the people that help them upgrade, add new service, add features, program phones, handle difficult and irate issues, get verbally beat up by customers, but then we cant take a discounted or free part in hot new releases or whatever it business but dang, in the words of ED LOVER "CMON SON!!"

9. alexvjr74 unregistered

Employees were told that if we get a hold of an Iphone and activate it on our personal account that we get a discount on that we will lose our employee discount, and get placed back on a regular consumer account.

12. Justplaindave unregistered

That's low. The rotten apple has already spoiled in VZW.

10. Justplaindave unregistered

Even if they are employees, they are still customers that pay at least a little. VZW would do well to not anger any potential customers if they want to maximize their revenue with the advent of the iPhone to their company. If you anger employees, they tell their family, who tells their friends, who then tells their acquaintences and so on. Word of mouth has a huge trickle-down effect. Not a smart move by VZW.

19. diduhearyourself unregistered

you are right cause when i VZW employee or any company employee complains or is unhappy with the company. other really take to it a feel like they are hearing the bad news from the horse mouth.

11. bighoff unregistered

ok who ever thinks that sales reps gets all these bad ass discounts is foolish. i work for vzw and i have to pay full price for my phone (retail 599.99 for 16gb and 699.99 for 32gb) and then i get a discounted rate plan. i'm sorry but i am not about to spend 600 damn dollars on a phone that is about to be surpassed by a greater technology in just a few months. imo if you want the phone sign a consumer agreement and vzw cant say anything cause you are a paying customer. Nuff said!!

14. Indirect Rep unregistered

as an indirect I love my dealer line that is a great rate, but not at the expense of forking over 600 bucks out of pocket for a 3G phone, I think if verizon truly had this coming down the pipeline for a long time then they should have set aside a certain amount for employees also...dont be surprised when customer come up to me with a phone I have very little experience on!!!

20. diduhearyourself unregistered

well said i feel the same way, customers want us to teach them everything i cant help you i can show you how to use blackberry desk top manager with the blackberry tour that i im indirect also yeah the plan is nice i upgraded one of my personal line and got a free palm pixi so that i could start my employee line cause otherwise i would have had to pay full blown retail price to have a phone to even get the nice plan, but now the pixi and pre's are on there way out at least the hotspot is free but wait it was free for everyone else too so dang

15. big_red_rep_24 unregistered

As a Verizon sales rep, i'm torn on this. While I would love to even hold one before launch in the first place, I understand where vzw is coming from. From a customer perspective, wouldn't it suck if we sell out in stores but all the reps have one? We could say it is a perk of the job, but its all about customer perspective now. When demand slows down, they will probably allow us to get one but there will be better things out by then. Vzw did give us a discount on purchasing an ipad or galaxy tab so we could learn ios, not that there is really that much to learn. If you work for any kind of technology company, it should be like second nature to you. Just my $.02

22. Justplaindave unregistered

Don't sell yourself short, though. Just because you're a rep doesn't mean that you should be worth less to VZW than their "regular" customer base. In fact, they should have set aside enough units in their inventory to let their reps have first dibs and be able to assist their customers from experience, not heresay. As a representative of VZW, you are the engine that drives the company. If VZW had no customer service reps, just imagine the chaos that would ensue. VZW should be more grateful to their reps than to shove them aside and hold them back from getting a truly remarkable device, if for no other reason than to make sure you can assist your customers to the fullest.

16. applesauce unregistered

If I were a verizon customer, why would I want an ifail instead of a BIONIC, DROID, or ThunderBolt? The ifail is almost a year old, still has isses with software, still have to use itunes to do anything with it, and won't have the data speeds nor the 4G capability these other phones will have when released. Yet again, the apple lemmings ifail.

21. elran24

Posts: 14; Member since: Feb 03, 2011

omg! get over it verizon employees!!!

24. Rozzle Wazzle unregistered

omg! get over it verizon customers!!!

25. diduhearyourself unregistered

APPLE IPHONE no adobe flash, no expandable memory, cant replace the battery yourself, wont be 4g, that damn 32 pin charger port that dont match non of the 5 micro usb car and house and usb cables that I already have. almost all of the good apps have a pricetag, but it has facetime and its pretty, nice pretty phone there guys looks good with your skinny jeans (beer commercial lmao) as opposed to ANDROID adode flash (i just streamed denzel movie "unstoppable" on my droid x and no i didnt pay for it just streamed it from zshare) expandable memory up to 32gb so far and internal memory, replacable battery (just incase you want to have a extra battery charged), now having front facing cameras, 8mp camera, tons of good free apps, can return an app, no syncing required just log back into google if you get a different android device and retreive all of your numbers and paid apps,some apps can be saved to your memory card ,NEW (as of today)google marketplace online where you can purchase apps and free apps and they start downloading to your phone right then without connecting anything. fast fast fast, text to speech, the best input method since the qwerty keyboard SWYPE, plenty of flavors and style to choose from not just one that keeps getting changed every 1 year or so. Fully customizable now how is apple better??? how

26. jenyumyum

Posts: 4; Member since: Feb 03, 2011

I agree with elran24.... get over it....

27. Gotta say it. unregistered

I am a CS rep and I think it's not right to not offer an opportunity to purchase the phone at least on the same day as the other existing customers. We are reps but my bill for 3 smartphones is like $175. I am a rep AND a customer. We have to pay the contract price for phones like everyone else. If my service was free I would understand. I'm sure between two multi billion dollar companies they can come up with enough phones for everyone.

29. nonya bidness unregistered

if you were an owner of a company you always put customers first. plus all the vzw employees bitchin and whining need to stop. like you dont already get great incentives for working for the company that you work. if you dont like it quit, im sure someone else is gonna love your job.

30. Glorfindale

Posts: 17; Member since: Jul 16, 2010

Let me ask you one question. When you call tech support, would you rather speak with someone who owns the device you have and is familiar with all of the pros and cons, or someone who is using guides and written tools?

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