Verizon and AT&T aren't spending top dollar to advertise the iPhone X

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The latest ad spending data from the big four US carriers is in, and it turns out that only one of the top 5 most expensive advertising outlays features Apple's latest and greatest iPhone X. Apple is not known for throwing presentation and training resources to carrier reps, nor does it need to, as its cult status allows it to get away with what other brands couldn't, and this attitude shows in the amount of money carriers pour into advertising its gear - not that much relative to the fact that  more than 40% of cell phone users in the US are rocking an iPhone. The iPhone X has also been in short supply since its inception until a few days ago, so that might be another reason carriers didn't feel the need to pour extravagant amounts of money advertising a phone whose demand outstripped supply at the time.

Overall, carriers spent no less than $306.4 million for ad spots in November, a big rise from October’s $271 million, reflecting the big holiday shopping craze push, and Verizon was once again the biggest spender with $88.7 million for 13 total spots. The most expensive ad impressions went to Verizon as well, for the "Google Pixel 2: 50 Percent Off" ad with Thomas Middleditch that cost it $30.2 million. 

Big Red was followed by T-Mobile with $16.5 million for "Holiday TWOgether", and Sprint was third with said $13.4 million "iPhone Season: iPhone X" ad that was the only large carrier spot that featured Apple's latest explicitly. As usual, AT&T isn't spending much on TV advertising, and came in fourth with $36.3 million on 10 spots, $23.5 million of which went to the "iPhone 8: Spokespeople: More" clip showings, making two out of the top five carrier ad dollars going to an Apple handset 

source: iSpot via FierceWireless

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