Verizon Wireless leads in satisafaction survey

Strategy Analytics surveyed one thousand cell phone users across the US to evaluate customer satisfaction, churn propensity and interest in value added services and features. Verizon Wireless, is the market leader for "user satisfaction, " and beats all its competitors as the destination of choice for 30 percent of users who may churn.

"Although its overall scores failed to threaten Verizon Wireless's clear lead, Nextel can be proud of its customer loyalty," said Sara Harris, Senior Industry Analyst at Strategy Analytics, and the author of the report, "The iDEN carrier's customers were least receptive to price-based churn bundles." She added that price-based offers are unlikely to sway the operator's fiercely loyal and high-spending business-centric customer base, which regards Nextel as a key business tool, essential to business operations.


Other key findings from this report include the fact that Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile users stand out in their belief that they are receiving good value for money from their carriers regarding both handsets and provided service; Verizon Wireless users are consistently more satisfied than users of other carriers. Verizon Wireless scores highest on all satisfaction measures, though it is matched by T-Mobile on price metrics; Cingular customers post a healthy range of average and marginally above-average responses; Consistent dissatisfaction is evident among AT&T Wireless customers; Sprint PCS posts below average ratings on many measures, though the carrier does redeem itself somewhat with a well-received product and service range; T-Mobile and Nextel received positive overall results, though some concerns remain surrounding the crucial criteria of quality of service.


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