Verizon LG VX-9900 photos

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Verizon LG VX-9900 photos

TheStone41 at HowardForums was the one to unveil high-resolution images of the new highly desired LG VX9900, the successor of the V 9800. From the images we can see that it has slimmer profile, as it was rumored, and the stereo speakers on the inside look well. The back side houses 2-megapixel camera, while a drawback is that the miniSD memory slot is replaced with the even smaller microSD standard.

Source: TheStone41 via EngadgetMobile



1. Ted Miller unregistered

The phone is a good concept from LG, however most features are disabled by Verizon. Bluetooth headset works fine, anything else is only partially supported or permanently disabled and non-supported by VW OS. Many of the sort-of supportd features require either a monthly fee or a setup fee. I've spent a few hours taking to both VW and LG, after the standard song and dance, both admitted that they had blocked or are charging fees to use what they advertise. You can't even send a text message while on the phone; you can receive and reply to them, but no send a responses. I am returning this phone after less than two weeks.

2. David unregistered

What is the price with 2y contract?

3. cMONEY unregistered

You either didn't read the instruction maunual, or you really do not have the phone. The fact is you can recieve, send, and reply to text messages while you are on the phone.

4. DM unregistered

I chose this phone for the two megapixal camera and it works fine. I send the pix to my wife, my email address and facebook with no trouble. I added a 2GB memory card and do not use Vcast. I have synch'd 400 songs and the MP3 player is superb. The QWERTY keyboars is a great bonus! With a 2yr contract, the phone is $99, or free if you are renewing your contract with VW. I love this phone.

5. travis unregistered

In orderto text while talking you just click the options button and go to messaging and click send new message

6. unregistered

does this phone have a sims card?

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