Users wouldn't be exactly thrilled to pay $800 for the Xperia XZ3

Users are not exactly thrilled to pay $800 for the Xperia XZ3
Yesterday, we got a juicy leak outlining the specs and price of the upcoming, yet unnanounced, Sony Xperia XZ3. A UK mobile store has it listed for pre-order at the equivalent of $830, which is not a big surprise — the Xperia XZ2 did cost $800 at launch and we do expect the XZ3 to cost the same or slightly higher... despite the fact that Sony has a hard time selling them.

The company's smartphones are not the worst thing out there, they have steadily been falling off from the general audience's radar over the past few years. To top it off, it's a bit late to the party with its new dual cameras, and was late to the party with the 18:9 display aspect ratio trend of the Xperia XZ2.

With a price of $800 and beyond... Sony might find it hard to entice users to come back and give their flagship phone another run. We actually thought we'd ask you — do you think that's a bit of a steep price to pay for an Xperia flagship? Well, here are the results:

Is $800 too much for a flagship Sony phone?

Not at all!
With those specs and features? Yeah, it's a bit much...
Yes, and it's borderline absurd
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