Use your smartphone to unlock your front door from any spot on the planet

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Use your smartphone to unlock your front door from any spot on the planet
Imagine sitting in a cafe in Paris and clicking a button on your smartphone that opens the door to your home in Iowa. It is completely possible right now, thanks to a hardware update to Kwikset's Kevo Bluetooth front door lock. Anywhere you have a data connection, you can unlock your front door. With the update, the person you are unlocking your door for doesn't need to have a smartphone.

Suppose you're out of town and you need to let your parents in to feed your pets, but your mom and dad are not part of the smartphone generation. Thanks to the new hardware from Kwikset, a click on your smartphone screen makes sure that your pets don't starve to death.

The updated service is called Kevo Plus and it comes with a free Bluetooth LE receiver that tethers to your router. All you need to do is to make sure that the receiver is close enough to the Kevo deadbolt to pick up the Bluetooth LE signal. And you can receive a notification on your phone when a loved one makes it back home. From that cafe in Paris, you can relax knowing that your family is safely inside your house. And if you have a repairman coming, and you're still stuck in Paris, you can assign him a code that will allow him entry to your home.

source: Kwikset via Gizmodo


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