Upcoming WP7 smartphone from Nokia will "blow your socks off"

Upcoming WP7 smartphone from Nokia will "blow your socks off"
Looking at Nokia’s handset portfolio over the course of the last few years, there’s no arguing that they can whip up some exciting and unbelievable looking phones that keeps design on their priority list. And knowing that they’re jumping into the Windows Phone 7 game, we’re naturally quite eager to see what they can pull from under their sleeve to really present a flagship phone for Microsoft’s budding mobile platform.

As we know, Nokia will be manufacturing a Windows Phone 7 handset with Mango aboard for the ride, but interestingly enough, it seems that it’s going to be something so much more than what we expect. Specifically, Nokia’s Senior Training Consultant, Dave Trevaskus, couldn’t keep his excitement all to himself as a quick Twitter post shows us how much of an impact this upcoming device has on him. From the looks of it, the Mango flavored handset “will blow your socks off.”

Bold words indeed, but there’s naturally going to be a lot of buzz surrounding it either way – albeit, Nokia will surely need to bring something to the game to really shake things up. In terms of hardware, all of the WP7 devices out there sport similar internals – meaning, Nokia has to go above and beyond with other aspects in order to stand out and be regarded as the premier WP7 handset maker.

source: Twitter via Pocketnow

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