Upcoming Playstation emulator for Android requires a snappy phone

Upcoming Playstation emulator for Android requires a snappy phone
Old school games for the NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis may not pose too much of a problem when trying to play them on an emulator for Android, but ones that are more graphically intensive may require a handset that's packing a fast processor. Fans of the original Sony Playstation console should be happy to know that an emulator is being developed for Android. Although it's still early in development, it's expected that the best experience would come out of handsets that are packing some impressive specs – low to mid-range handsets may not cut it with this emulator. The developer ZodTTD, known for developing other emulators for the iPhone, finds that the Playstation emulator would only be fit for handsets running at least a Snapdragon or Cortex A8 processor. Despite moving along ever so smoothly, it's not ready yet for a release as there are more optimizations needed to have a consistent frame rate for playing games.

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