Unopened OG Apple iPod carries hefty $200,000 price tag on eBay

Unopened OG Apple iPod carries hefty $200,000 price tag on eBay
The other day, we showed you an eBay listing for the original Apple iPhone, still sealed in the box, priced at $22,000. Before the iPhone allowed Apple to change the smartphone industry, the company changed the music industry with iTunes and the Apple iPod. Essentially a glorified MP3 player, the original iPod held 5GB of music and could run for as long as 10 hours before needing a charge. The device carried` a 2-inch monochrome display.

What makes the iPod so important from a historical perspective is that it gave Apple the confidence to take on the smartphone manufacturers with the iPhone. The success of the iPod showed that the company could prosper in the consumer electronics business, and succeed on its own terms. This was a different ballgame than selling high-priced computers to people who "think different." 

Now, an original Apple iPod still sealed in its original box is being sold on eBay. If a mint condition OG iPhone sealed in its box is priced at $22,000, how much would a seller want for the device that paved the way for Apple's iconic smartphone? How about $200,000. The seller, who has a history of selling old and rare Apple items, is pricing this well above other sealed iPods listed on eBay. But part of the fun of making a purchase like this, is being able to say that you spent $200,000 for a box that you will never open in your lifetime.

source: eBay via BGR
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