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Unique new Mirrativ app lets you livestream anything from your phone

Unique new Mirrativ app lets you livestream anything on your phone
Games, apps, video recording feeds - for the first time you can stream any action on your phone live with the new Mirrativ app. Developed not only with gamers in mind, as these apps usually are, but the average user as well, Mirrativ can output to the most popular host services as well, like Youtube LIVE, Twitch, Mobizen, Periscope, or even Meerkat.

Usually you can either capture what's happening on your screen, or you can stream a live video feed from your camera, but Mirrativ combines the best of both worlds, and lets you stream whatever is happening on your phone live and direct to your audience. It requires Android 5.0+, and those Android devices you stream live to need to be at least with 4.1, but that's about all the requirements needed - no root, hack, mod or anything of the sorts.

You can start streaming live gameplays, video capture, or app demos with a few taps only, and even add the so-called Face Camera option, where your expressions and comments get captured live for the audience, picture-in-picture style. Said audience can comment live on the feed, too, and you can also set up private broadcasting that generates a dedicated URL link to be send only to those you want to see the live footage. Check out from Mirrativ from the source link below, if you are interested.

Developer: DeNA Co., Ltd.Download: Android
Category: SocialPrice: Free

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