Unicode 7.0 could bring 250 new emoji, including the middle finger

Unicode 7.0 could bring 250 new emoji, including the middle finger
Words are for suckers, there's really no arguing that point. That's the reason why we've gone from writing messages with proper capitalization, grammar, and punctuation to seeing messages that are basically just a string of emoji. Emoticons are getting more and more complex, and Unicode wants to give you a lot more options, including 250 new emoji in version 7.0.

The new options cover a pretty wide range of options, including flipping the bird (likely the most useful of all emoji), the Vulcan salute, a dagger knife, a wastebasket, various rocketships, a golfer, a hot pepper, and even a fax icon (not sure how useful that would be). Unfortunately, the new emoji don't seem to be adding any of the diversity that has been called for from many. Unicode added same sex couples to the emoji standards, but still haven't added representations of black people. The new standards are mostly objects, and not much as far as people aside from a few sports related options. 

There's no word on when you should expect to see the new emoji, because it will be up to smartphone platform makers like Apple, Google, and Microsoft to add the new options to systems. We'll definitely keep an eye out. 


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