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UPDATED: Verizon pulls the Samsung Glyde from the shelves?

Verizon pulls the Samsung Glyde from the shelves
EngadgetMobile is reporting that a Verizon Customer Call Center has received information about the Samsung Glyde being pulled from store shelves. The "issue", as its worded, is not defined, but makes us wonder if it has to do with the problems related to the touch-screen. If you are experiencing problems with your Glyde, or it is currently in for service, they will exchange it for an enV2, or another similar-priced phone at the managers discretion.

However, one employee in the know reported on HowardForums that this is only related to the Mid-West market, saying that it was a switching issue between some Glydes and switching equipment used in the Midwest.

*UPDATE* We received word from Samsung PR stating that, according to them, the Glyde is still for sale in all areas of the US. However, in contradiction, our Verizon insider (VZW E) said that he was told by Quality Assurance "the Glyde was not pulled for switching problems after all it was pulled strictly as an executive decision due to its high return rates and complaints from customers." Keep in mind that each region has their own executives to decide which devices to stop selling if there are customer complaints.

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