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UPDATED: Motorola DROID X Twitter updates

UPDATED: Motorola DROID X Twitter updates
As the anticipation grows for the Motorola DROID X MB810, which was first listed on Verizon's DROID DOES site and followed by the Motorola site, what else is missing before the June 23rd unveiling? Twitter! Yes, now even the DROID X has its own Twitter feed that you can follow. It started off by stating "REPORT: Droid X units have escaped! Get the stats on them at . Forewarned is forearmed."  Then a few hours later there was a another post  saying "The next generation of does is coming soon, but you might get yours before that. Droid X phones are hidden across the country. Follow us for clues." And then yet another post "REPORT: Droid X designate #10 has escaped secure facility. Is armed with 1Ghz Snapdragon processor and is dangerously smart.".  We're not sure who is behind these posts (Verizon, Motorola, or both) but the last two regarding "Droid X phones are hidden across the country" and that it's "armed with a 1GHz Snapdragon processor" has been removed from the Twitter page. Why? Maybe someone jumped the gun, but it looks like they are going to be posting "clues" for you to follow as there are DROID X phones hidden in different spots across the country that you can find. Whatever the outcome, PhoneArena will be at the NYC event on Wednesday to bring you the latest information about the DROID X.

A new (official) post is now up on the DROID X Twitter account saying "
ATTN: Droid designate #5 escaped secure location 6 hours and counting. Witnesses noticed it heading in a southern direction."

Motorola DROID X MB810 Specifications

source: Twitter


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