UPDATE: Verizon's LG VX9600 found on FCC site

UPDATE: Verizon's LG VX9600 found on FCC site
Verizon's upcoming LG VX9600 has passed FCC testing and is now listed on the FCC site. Though information is slim, it appears the device will have a 3" 480x240 pixel TFT touchscreen, 3D graphic user interface, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, MP3 player, and operates on CDMA/EVDO 800Mhz and 1900Mhz networks. Since the Dare is the VX9700 and the Voyager is the VX10000, this VX9600 might be a step-down in features from the Dare, but it is still to early to tell. Perhaps it will be the Voyager 2 that is rumored for a pre-Christmas release?

*UPDATE* We have learned from a sources on HowardForums that the VX9600 will be a lower-end (more affordable) version of the Dare, with a 2MP camera and not all the bells-and-whistles. It will not be the Voyager 2.

source: FCC



1. unregistered

I think it's going to be the same as the dare minus 3.2camera and evdo rev A

7. unregistered

An LG rep told us that there will be an LG PDA coming out Q4, maybe this is it??

16. unregistered

what does Q4 mean i see it on all of the upcoming phones and wonder what it is

17. unregistered

There are 4 quarters in a year. Q4 is Oct-Dec.

37. unregistered

The VX9600 is almost exactly the same as the DARE. What are the differences? Well, you will be able to buy ADD-ONS to create your own device. I have seen this phone in the wild and actually activated it for a company that tests BREW apps in my territory. This phone, at launch will have 3 modules that attach to it via the data/charging port: one is music centric, one is texting centric, and the other is gaming centric. Can you guess what these are? Well since PA already shows them you know it is SPEAKERS, QWERTY Keyboard, and GAMEPAD. From the one I actually activated, it is actually a complete duplicate except for the 3D graphic accelerator for gaming and improved interface. When it first came into the store, one of the reps said, "Is that a poor man's DARE?" He thought it was a clone. It looks like LG added a BOLD type battery backing and made the 3 main buttons look different. Otherwise, it comes down to guts. We can no longer assume the model number means a greater or lesser model. Instead just see if it has a cute little name -- then you'll know how high end it is. THE LG-VX9600: "PHENOM", "VERSA", or "CLIP" What do you like better? I'm going with the PHENOM.

46. dragonex14 unregistered

Do you work for verizon or something? Also, do you know when or IF this phone is coming out soon?

47. mchairez

Posts: 2; Member since: Feb 24, 2009

I don't know much about phones. I love the qwerty on the blackberry and have an iphone. I have no service with ATT where I live so am switching to Verizon. I need a phone that I'll LOVE. Voyager seems great, but should I wait??...

2. unregistered

game pad.....3D Grahical UI........Think it is possibly that they might be trying to come out with a gaming centric phone?

3. anonymous11 unregistered

i bet this will replace the voyager like the env2 replaced the env. i wonder if it will be out at the same time as the blackberry storm?

5. unregistered

i doubt it considering they just refreshed the voyager....

12. matrix2004 from HOFO unregistered

LOL. All they refreshed was the colo. its the same Voyager As for the vx9600, it was known a successor to the Voyager was coming(0mie) before Christmas, this may be it.

22. some guy unregistered

not true the "titanium" titanium voyager also has VVM and Rhapsody support along with a more Dare-esque operating system so, you fail

23. unregistered

Actually YOU fail. That was merely a long expected software update that had been made for the Voyager. The Voyager Titanium was simply Verizon trying to bring an old phone back to life, so they can sell a little more. The same thing happened with the enV. A new software update was released along with a "new" enV Orange and enV Green, and then a few months later the enV 2 is released. The same with the Chocolate, VX8350, and pretty much any other phone Verizon has. They release a phone in a new color to boost sales until the phone's successor is released. Try recognizing patterns, and maybe doing a bit of research next time "some guy".. but .. it was a nice try. Oh and again, you just had an epic fail.

4. unregistered

ok, i'm guessing (or hoping) that its gunna be like a dare with a slide out keyboard. it should keep all the same features. the reason i'm saying this is because i thought at first that it might be a model down because of it being deamed vx9600 when the dare is vx9700, but they can't call it any higher models. the V was vx9800, env was vx9900 and voyager was vx10000, i'm just hoping they add mobile tv to it. but it has to be a different form factor becase if it was just a new version of the dare, it would probably be called vx9750. i'm just saying this because of the rumor of the prada 2 having a full keyboard. i don't know, i hope so. that would be sick!!!

6. unregistered

i heard its going to have some sort of detachable controller pad. I could be wrong but sounds pretty cool especially if you can multi player with others via bluetooth like the ngages.

8. unregistered

well then env was the 9900 and the env2 was the 9100 so the numbers really dont matter here

9. unregistered

agree with #14 the env is the 9900 and the env 2 is the 9100 same with the the lg-vx8600 and the lg-vx8610 (decoy) one would think its an upgrade but really is just a whole different handset. i wouldnt take model number into consideration.

10. unregistered

to many # i am so comfused

11. unregistered

well, yeah, thats what i'm saying. the review says it might be a step down. but i dont think so.

13. Daryl unregistered

I work at verizon and we are not seeing any type of lg pda soon that we know of, atleast not this year! we would actually not be the first to get one....so whoever said that is crack, LOL but we did realease from our ceo that 6 high end new phones will be coming out from here til march that will be all the craze......SOOOO that said, it is going to be the voyager 2.

14. Jordan unregistered

ugh. will it be out before the 12th of september? that's my last day to change the dare!

15. unregistered


18. C-Chicki

Posts: 32; Member since: Sep 03, 2008

Wow.... your only hope is getting a magic wand or coma. Knock yourself untill its release and then ask the change out your dare. LOL

19. RAZooN unregistered

I'm through with touch screen phones... I was more than impressed when all these touch screen phones came out but its not really all that great in my opinion. Most touch screens lag and arent that responsive. I have the LG dare... Had it since day 1 of its release and now its just getting a little annoying. The haptic vibrations lag too and it seems like the only plus is the 3.2 megapixel camera. And thats soon to be old with the 5.0 MP cam on the LG Viewty 2. So the dare just wont be anything to brag about. Hopefully the VX9600 wont be too much directed to its touch screen... maybe the qwerty keyboard is touch screen like the dare and the game buttons is just a d-pad and shoulder buttons... Lets hope for a slide or flip out qwerty. who knows. I'm trying out the sidekick 2008 for t-mobile . VZW just inst cuttin it for me. I'm just a little too picky for them

20. iharry unregistered

The bottom line is that LG, Samsung, what have you rushed at Verizon's behest with all these touch screen products but didin't invest in the SOFTWARE necessary to make the touch screens responsive. Until they DO, non iPhone touch screen phones are just going to jsut piss people off. Pity when you think of the huge openings iPhone gave their competitors (e.g., no landscape qwerty).

21. unregistered

apparently it is replacing the voyager, the touch screen will work better like the dare, but it will have a full keyboard like the voyager, yet instead of flipping up it will slide from underneath similar to the glyde...but way better....and its supposed to have a larger screen like the iphone.

24. unregistered

Errr. Wrong. Not replacing the Voyager.

25. unregistered

the voyager is all hyped up again because of a "titanium" color and updated software....ooooh aaah. these new colors just get everybody. i'm still more impressed by the paino key neck tie personally.

26. vaxick unregistered

If it's a step down than why does it have a better resolution than the Dare?

27. Joey Fingaz unregistered

ok for the verizon rep who says LG isnt comin out with a pda, stop smokin crack. for real dude it just isnt working out for you. I ALSO was told by my LG REP who said hush hush that yes LG is in fact comin out with a pda for verizon by the end of this year, she couldnt say more cuz she just didnt know. NOW on to the 9600, anybody actually go to the FCC site and check out the docs posted? no? didnt think so. it said the is device was tested WITH and WITHOUT the keyboard attached, so if what also is said up top is true, that would mean this device has a detachable QWERTY keyboard, that also has a built in speaker (possibly for playing mp3s maybe maybe) and probably some sort of game pad when flipped over. now thats all speculation but the FCC site did confirm that there is a detachable keyboard that dosent interfere any more so than the phone itself. so anywho a step down from the dare but with a physical detachable keyboard and is cheaper, WITH a november a release: we should do well selling these through christmas lol.

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