*UPDATE* Quad-band Touch Diamond on sale?...No

*UPDATE* Quad-band Touch Diamond on sale?...No
Update:  HTC has contacted Engadget to tell them it is the same tri-band device without US 3G or 850MHz.  We kinda figured that was the case, but can you blame us for hoping?

We're taking this with a grain of salt right now, but CompUSA has an unlocked, quad-band Touch Diamond listed on their site for $779.99.  Previously it was though that the Diamond would not come in quad-band flavor, and HTC responded to a BGR inquiry saying that the device was limited to tri-band because of its diminutive size.  It may just be an error on CompUSA's part, but it would be a pretty large error for a big box retailer.  We expect this device to come to both AT&T and T-Mobile eventually, given HTC's lofty sales goals, but if this listing turns out to be correct users in the US can get their 3G data and 850MHz coverage without the wait!

HTC Touch Diamond Specifications | Review

source: CompUSA via Engadget Mobile



1. eDlO unregistered

I really wanted this phone to come out on Verizon Wireless.......... NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. unregistered

oh hell no, that would mean verizon would actually offer a GOOD phone...they would ruin their reputation that they have tried so hard to maintain...hahaha

3. crd22

Posts: 77; Member since: Apr 15, 2008

T-Mobile?!?! Why not Verizon???

4. unregistered

calm down, itll get to the cdma carriers eventually. for now its a gsm phone

9. jlc0005 unregistered

I want a Diamond for Verizon too!

13. VZW Employee unregistered

lOl... That is just too funny! Verizon offers the best line up of phones out there. Tell me one phone out there another company has that Verizon doesn't have a phone that is comparable or not better then the competition. Even though I understand a lot of people like having GSM phones because you can have them unlocked and used with another carry but, compared to service and all the features out there Verizon is top dog and within another year or so Verizon will release LTE which will blow the competition away.

15. unregistered

I disagree. I think your post is a matter of opinion and judging by your name (VZW Employee), a biased one at that. But, then again, we are entitled to our opinions, just as long we remember they are opinions and not fact. On another note, LTE is definitely something I'm looking forward to.

5. unregistered

I love this phone. I wish it would become available on Verizon

6. V unregistered

Verizon SUCKS. They will cripple the hell out of the phone. GSM all the way...get full usability and use what you paid for.

18. unregistered

lol, they dont "cripple" WinMo phone idiot. GPS Module maybe but thats it.

7. jrcrow unregistered

lol!1..$100 says ATT of course the leaders in US tech toys will get it 1st!

8. unregistered

I wish it were out with ATT right now, then I could upgrade to it from my Treo 750 and then expense it

10. David A. unregistered

I just checked comp, they fixed the listing which means there isnt a secret quad band version. to bad, looks like HTC just pissed away sales depriving a high-end phone from even quad-band.

11. ccruse1112 unregistered

Whats up with all the Verizon bashing on this board. I have had service with the big 3 providers and I think Verizon has hands down the best network and customer service. I have had Verizon for 2 years and I have only had 2 lost calls in that entire time, which Sprint and AT&T I was dropping calls daily. Verizon does lack in phones, and there UI is convoluted and thats the trade off. But I dont think Verizon folks should be worried, I am sure they will get the Diamond. There is a CDMA Diamond in the works which looks like it will be picked up by Sprint and then I am sure Verizon will get a hold of it, just like they did with the Touch. Check out this article: http://www.phonearena.com/htmls/HTC-Touch-Diamond-CDMA-phone-p_2847.html

12. Adam unregistered

Agreed re: Sprint. This phone was rumored months ago to be coming out for Sprint, and signs are still pointing that way for sometime Q3 or Q4. I expect it would since the prior HTC models came to Sprint. This phone on Sprint's EVDO Rev A network would be awesome and I could finally ditch my Treo 650 for something worthwhile. Yes, still have a 650... sad isn't it. Question is Q3 or Q4?!? Oh yeah.. might as well add... "Will it blend" ;)

14. Hola unregistered

779.99 forget it I would never pay that much for a phone even if I had the money too. Even though it is a relly sick phone

16. Leon unregistered

There is no doubt verizon is expensive with there minute plans,but i have had every service and there the best....... I left for tmobile and now iam back to verizon because tmobile has childrens phones and i dont see that ever changing there about 5 years behind and att alot of my friends have but i always have to wait for them to get home to use a landline because they dont hold service for 2 minutes so keep your gsm and allow verizon to keep winning all the awards every year..........

17. unregistered

yeah, ive only ever been with verizon and ive dropped 2 calls in 6 years...which i mean, cmon is a outrageous stat...ive never had any reason to ever switch or want to switch, verizon always has a phone to get my itch when my contracts are up anyways...so i hope this comes to verizon, which im sure it will or they will have something to rival it within the next year and half or so...thats what usually happens for phones like that...time based exclusive

19. unregistered

yes, i too have been watching this phoe. one minute your hear rumor of it going to sprint...the next its a gsm phone. i'm a gadget person that has to have the latest and greates...by any means...but if this phone is going to be 700,,,,,forget it! not about the money, it's about drawing a line. soon all of our carriers will be charging 8 and 9 hundred for 1 breackable phone. backk to the point: the phone seems awsome. which ever carrier gets it will have a lot of very satisfied customers, and would possible built up their loyalty

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