*UPDATE* Quad-band Touch Diamond on sale?...No

Quad-band Touch Diamond on sale
Update:  HTC has contacted Engadget to tell them it is the same tri-band device without US 3G or 850MHz.  We kinda figured that was the case, but can you blame us for hoping?

We're taking this with a grain of salt right now, but CompUSA has an unlocked, quad-band Touch Diamond listed on their site for $779.99.  Previously it was though that the Diamond would not come in quad-band flavor, and HTC responded to a BGR inquiry saying that the device was limited to tri-band because of its diminutive size.  It may just be an error on CompUSA's part, but it would be a pretty large error for a big box retailer.  We expect this device to come to both AT&T and T-Mobile eventually, given HTC's lofty sales goals, but if this listing turns out to be correct users in the US can get their 3G data and 850MHz coverage without the wait!

HTC Touch Diamond Specifications | Review

source: CompUSA via Engadget Mobile
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