No, Twitter isn’t removing Likes from conservative Tweets, it's having issues globally right now

If you’ve experienced some weirdness going on on Twitter the past day or two, you’re not alone. Reports of missing Likes and other unusual behavior have started showing up and naturally, people aren’t happy, SlashGear noticed.

Some immediately thought that what they’re seeing is just Twitter’s next move to subdue the voices of conservatives on the platform, a group with which the social network has been at odds for a while.

One of the first to speak up was author Ann Coulter with the following Tweet:

Some went even further with the accusations, like @StopMSMLies:

Sadly, as it’s often the case, reality is far more boring than we want it to be. Twitter’s official support account announced that there are issues with users all over the world and is working to fix them as soon as possible.

Apparently, the problems are affecting Likes, Retweets and notifications. The abnormal behavior of Twitter isn’t affecting everyone but there’s no information about exactly what is triggering the disappearance of Likes in certain profiles. 

Hopefully, the issues will be resolved soon and people will get back to arguing about their usual topics.

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