Twitter is testing a new feature on iOS that will make conversations easier to follow

Twitter is testing a new feature on iOS that will make conversations easier to follow
A new Twitter feature that aims to make information about retweets more visible is being tested on a small group of iOS Twitter users, according to The Verge. It shows the number of times a post has been retweeted with a comment, next to the amount of other retweets.

Despite being a seemingly small change, it will likely help many follow up conversations easier, although it's not certain if the new feature will actually eventually make it to all users, and if so, when.

Without it, when users would reply to tweets via a quote retweet, it was difficult to find their responses and follow the entire conversation. As users open a tweet, they would normally only see the traditional replies others have left, which technically isn't all the replies.

Its noted that despite several UI changes Twitter has been tinkering with over the last year, very few have actually made it to all users, with most ending up scrapped, so it is well possible that this experimental feature may either be removed or implemented differently in the global Twitter app versions.

Twitter recently also updated its guidance, with a specific focus on removing dangerous 5G claims and COVID-19 misinformation. In addition, the social network made promises to direct people towards government officials for coronavirus news, by saying it will actively "amplify authoritative, official content around the globe."

After the recent spread of misinformation about 5G, notably claims that 5G causes coronavirus, led to vandals in several countries destroying 5G cell towers, Twitter became one of many social media giants to take measures into shutting down such dangerous claims.

In March, Twitter said that its "working with global public health authorities to identify expects," noting that currently its prioritizing the verification of health experts.
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