Twitter introduces QR codes

Twitter introduces QR codes
Twitter unveiled a surprise update to its platform yesterday. It appears that the blue bird is now getting personalized QR codes, which take people straight to your profile, when scanned.

The update was announced by Brittany Forks, a designer at Twitter, via her own account. What makes the situation a bit questionable is Brittany's explanation of the service, and we quote, “they work like snap codes”. It appears that Twitter is not ashamed to admit to borrowing from one of its social media competitors. In fact, its employees openly proclaim it during the feature's initial presentation, for some reason.

We're still not sure what was wrong with sending people your @ handle, instead of a QR code. Or just giving them a link to your profile, instead of physically handing your phone to them, so they can scan your fancy, colorful barcode. But, even if no one uses it, it won't hurt the platform, right?

The QR codes are rolling out as we speak and they should make their way to all user profiles soon. If you already have the feature enabled for your account, you can find your personalized QR code by going to your profile, clicking the gear icon and looking for the QR code option.

source: Twitter via TheVerge



1. ECPirate37

Posts: 338; Member since: Jul 14, 2011

because with QR codes it is so much quicker. Like with WeChat. Scan it, add it, done. No opening a search bar, and then looking for the person. Also, and a huge reason, advertisements. It is so much easier to scan a movie poster's QR code, or any other ads and go directly to the site, then have to go to the site, and then go, "Was it Oceans8 or Oceans_8 or Oceans8Movie?"

2. culkin

Posts: 2; Member since: Oct 24, 2016

718 mln Chinese ppl is using WeChat every day! And they only add contacts via QR codes. They no longer use calling or texting, just WeChat. Honestly, this works perfect. Than Snapchat copied it in a way, then Facebook Messenger copied it from Snapchat and now it's getting more popular.

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