Twitter cracks down on hate speech with new policy

Twitter cracks down on hate speech with new policy
Twitter is taking a sharper stance against the multitude of hate speech finding its way onto the platform with a stricter set of policies that go into effect now.

As with any social media platform, it isn’t difficult to find any number of controversial or bigoted messages on Twitter. The platform evidently recognizes that such hate speech is a significant issue in our society that doesn’t just end at digital prejudice.

Twitter took to its company blog to update its users on new policies, which are focused on three types of bigotry, which are described as “dehumanizing”. These include hateful speech based on age, disability, and disease.

For example, Twitter says it will remove messages that claim disabled individuals are not human, or that certain age groups don’t deserve rights. Accounts linked to these Tweets may also be suspended.

These policies seem quite timely in the midst of the novel coronavirus outbreak, which has unfortunately caused a surge in racism and xenophobia. It’s also worth noting that Twitter has already taken action against hate speech in other topics, such as race, religion, and others.

Twitter’s new policies take effect today, but Tweets will still need to be reported before being deleted. Previous Tweets that go against the guidelines are also required to be deleted, but Twitter has said no suspensions will take place for Tweets from the past.

In any case, the new policies seem to be a positive step forward in making the Internet a better place for everyone.

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