Twitter buys AteBits - Tweetie now becomes Twitter's official client

Twitter buys AteBits - Tweetie now becomes Twitter's official client
Twitter can opt to use a handful of Twitter applications on both their computers and mobile devices, but a recent purchase may point to one single app that could call itself the official Twitter application. Twitter has snatched up the company called AteBits out of the blue – they're known for the ever so popular desktop and iPhone Twitter application commonly known to people as Tweetie. Before this whole shindig went down, the iPhone app itself would've required you to dish out $2.99 to download it, but now that's dropping all the way down to free – making it an easy choice for Twitter users. With the new change in price, it will also be accompanied with a new name change to distinguish itself as the official client – aptly called Twitter for iPhone. So if you've held out on downloading Tweetie in the past due to the fact that it wasn't free, now is the best time to get yourself situated with the popular client.

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source: NY Times via Gizmodo


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