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This cool glass dock for your Apple Watch turns it into an alarm clock

Turn your Apple Watch into a weird-looking bedside clock with this glass dock
Is it a Magic 8 Ball? A fortune teller’s crystal ball? No, it’s a new accessory for all Apple Watch series - the charging dock by a company called NightWatch. Its purpose is to improve your watchOS device’s Nightstand mode.

Let’s be honest, sometimes, when we wake up our eyes need a few minutes to remember how to work again. Especially in the mornings after a night out and some drinks were involved. Not to mention, a lot of us wear glasses or contact lenses, and they are not something we can go to bed with.

The NightWatch aims to help with this issue by placing a single-piece, hand-polished curved glass in front of your Apple Watch. On its own, the watch is pretty tiny for a bedside clock, so the dock functions as a magnifying glass and enlarges everything on the screen.

However, enlarged numbers and letters are not all that this designer accessory has to offer. It also has integrated sound channels that amplify your alarm giving more oomph to your smartwatch. What’s more, there’s even a function that lets you wake up the display, and it achieves that by NightWatch’s own patented system.

Note that the dock does not come with a charger. It is intended to work with the one from your Apple Watch. It does, however, come with a cord chamber for wire management.

I’ve got to say I’m in love with this little guy. I wonder if a version in the form of a phone stand is a viable idea. Nevertheless, the NightWatch seems like one well-thought-out and beautifully designed accessory in a sea of many others for Apple products.
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