Touchscreen Samsung Solstice A887 on AT&T's shelf August 2nd for $99.99?

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Touchscreen Samsung Solstice A887 on AT&T's shelf August 2nd for $99.99?
A new touchscreen device is expected to be launched by AT&T on August 2nd. The Samsung Solstice A887 has a feature set that includes a full touchscreen with widgets, virtual QWERTY keyboard with haptic feedback, 3G connectivity, a 2MP camera, video share, AT&T Music, aGPS and support for downloading ringtones, games and apps. The price tag won't be a burden on your wallet as the handset is expected to cost $99.99 with a 2 year pact, $174.99 with a 1 year contract and $249.99 contract free. All of those prices include a $50 mail-in rebate.

source: BGR



1. Jyakotu

Posts: 867; Member since: Dec 12, 2008

"...$174.99 with a 1 year contract" Wait, AT&T offers 1 year contracts now? Since when!?!

2. artz1986

Posts: 453; Member since: Mar 11, 2009

probably a one year upgrade? I know T-Mobile offers those...

3. MrMojo

Posts: 20; Member since: Jul 10, 2009

Wow.. Didn't know ATT offers 1 year contracts! Thought only T-mobile does but have to ask for it and phones do cost more! Why does ATT get "better" phones than T-mobile?!

4. B_Adams

Posts: 24; Member since: May 25, 2009

is the the same phone that was called the Samsung Infinity?

5. matistight

Posts: 997; Member since: May 13, 2009

Wow! you can get a car for $249.99 with a rebate!!!!!!! i the only one who thinks the names for these samsung phones are made by a "ratard" (the hangover)

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