Touch Diamond is now available for purchase

Touch Diamond is now available for purchase
A few online shops now offer the HTC Touch Diamond for purchase. This comes a few days earlier than the beginning of June, which was the scheduled release date, but obviously those stores were able to get their hands on the Diamond before the competition.

The Diamond is the second-generation Touch phone, with lots of improvements in both hardware and software aspect. It runs on Windows Mobile 6.1, has advanced home screen plug-in, features great Internet browser based on Opera and is supposed to be as responsive as the iPhone, something untypical for WM smartphone. Check out its launch coverage report, for many photos, information and videos.

The price at the moment varies depending on the shop and is aroun $780 to $900, which is quite reasonable for such high-end phone. Once it launches with carriers around the world, the Diamond is expected to become a hit, and that is why HTC predicted that 3 million units will be sold before the end of the year. It will also be one of the main reasons for Windows Mobile smartphones’ increased sales.

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