HTC Touch Diamond launch coverage

HTC Touch Diamond launch coverage
HTC is not the best at keeping its secrets, but don’t underestimate the power of the biggest Windows Mobile phones manufacturer when it comes to constructing a device. Today, at a Product Launch Event in London, U.K., HTC announced the newest generation Touch-family phone, the Touch Diamond. The first information and even press photos of the phone leaked in the last few weeks, but there were no exact details until now.

We consider the Diamond the first second-generation Touch; just as the original, it bears new for the brand design language and changes the software drastically by adding “TouchFlo 3D”.

With this move, HTC once again tries to capture the attention of the consumers, who want a high-end all-in-one device, yet manages to remain the favorite manufacturer of the professional users. Obviously, the company's strategy doesn’t only involve stealing iPhone fans, but targets a large mass of high-end consumers.

HTC bragged that the Touch family is a success, with more than 3-million units sold. Still, this isn’t as impressive as the iPhone, but the total number of HTC phones sold is bigger than Apple’s digits.

The Touch Diamond should also score lots of sells, as it will be available from a plethora of network operators. In the UK, the top five carriers will offer it and although plans are not yet announced, it will be available in other counties as well. Orange and HTC announced that the carrier will have its personalized version of the Touch Diamond, with its typical color scheme and applications, such as for media downloading (music, games, and wallpapers) and entertainment. We can expect to see similar personalization for the rest of the carriers also.

It will launch in June, first on the European and Asian markets and after that in the rest of the world. Initially, HTC didn’t mention anything about the U.S. (the GSM and 3G bands of this one are not America-friendly), but a press release informing us that the U.S.-bound version will be out in the second half of the year, came later. A CDMA variant is not mentioned, however, we’ve already seen pretty solid, yet unofficial, scoop in a spy photo of a Sprint document.

Check out the whole product launch event video, read the HTC Touch Diamond Specifications or proceed to the following pages for our hands-on experience with lots of photos and information.


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