HTC expects to ship 3 million Touch Diamonds this year

HTC expects to ship 3 million Touch Diamonds this year
The Chinese-language Commercial Times quoted HTC’s CEO Peter Chou, that the company expects to sell about 3 million of the new Touch Diamond, before the end of the year. He indicated that it took 11 months to reach this number for the first-generation Touch, but the time should be cut to 7 months with the second-gen Diamond.

Having in mind the large number of carriers who will offer it, and the euphoria around most of the tech journalists and Windows Mobile fans, it doesn’t look impossible, especially, since we’ve heard of a CDMA US variant also in the works.

HTC Touch Diamond Specifications | Hands-on

via: IntoMobile



1. unregistered

I'd get one so why not ...

2. unregistered


3. Brian unregistered

I am so getting the CDMA version and using it with Verizon.. even if it only comes out for Sprint. Why does Verizon have the worst phones on the market?

5. unregistered

Wow I actually though the other way around......... Why does Sprint have the worst phones on the market? The PDA's are not that great for Verizon but the rest of their phone line up is way better then Sprint's line up I can tell you that much. But yeah Sprint for some reason or another they always tend to get some of the good PDA's on their line up which makes me happy.

4. unregistered

Verizon and CDMA suck..!

6. unregistered

wow, of course apple will sell this phone more than 3 billion, it is great! the apple iphone diamond is a spectacular phone. in case you dont know, specs are new multitouch system, slim size, 7 megapixel camera with autofocus, xenon flash, and inner optical zoom, wi-fi, gps, hsdpa and 3g, 3.2 inch touch screen, hardware controls and scrolwheel, integrated google and safari browser, internet explorer, opera browser, firefow browser, netscape, 3rd party application, java 2.0, 3.0 and 3d.0, access to windows mobile 6.1 prifessional, apple os, 800x640 pixel resolution screen, magnetic and locking advanced stylus, dual stereo speaker, built in dock and stand, bluetooth newest version first to have bluetooth 3.0, dual-sim, and most importantly, camera navigation. great phone, obviously apple is the best

7. unregistered

sorry, i meant wabawaba

8. MYert unregistered

Yeah, um.. all of this is wrong, get your facts straight stupid Apple fanboy.

9. DP unregistered

I don't think anyone is doubting this will happen. I'm thinking like five mil in a year.

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