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Toshiba unveils ‘Bright Mode’ CMOS sensor that will bring full HD in super slow motion


Toshiba has unveiled a new ‘Bright Mode’ CMOS-based image sensor technology that would allow capturing super slow motion videos on smartphones and tablets at a full HD 1920 x 1080-pixel resolution. The new technology brings better conversion of interlaced videos into progressive and more than doubles the normal exposure time.

Some of the most popular devices today are already capable of recording slow-motion videos with their built-in cameras. Apple says its iPhone 5s is able to record 120fps slo-mo at 720p quality, and Samsung’s top-shelf phones like the Note 3 have three slow motion options (1/2, 1/4, and 1/8x regular speeds), but the maximum effect is also reached at 120fps and 720p. None current smartphone or tablet is capable of capturing slow motion footage at a full 1080p resolution. That's where the just-unveiled Toshiba 240fps at 1080p Bright Mode comes in, as this should be not only the first sensor to offer such high quality, but also - to bring it at super slow motion speeds.

Bright Mode also increases the electrical charge of each pixel two-fold, and this allows it to arrive at a four times brighter image output compared to regular CMOS sensors. The technology also promises to reduce the number of dropped frames in interlaced capture.

“Bright Mode technology contributes to a wide variety of movie applications, such as high-speed recording, slow-motion movie, and fast-action cameras. It improves video viewing, especially in slow motion, which is timely given the explosion of mobile applications where the exchange of short movie clips is gaining in popularity,” Toshiba’s TAEC image sensor VP Andrew Burt said.

The first Bright Mode sample sensors will start arriving in the first quarter of 2014, but it will take a little more until (and if) we see actual devices with the new sensor.

source: Toshiba via GSM Arena
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