Toshiba is preparing five more Snapdragon devices?

Toshiba is preparing five more Snapdragon devices?
By now, you’ve probably heard of the TG01- the first handset to incorporate the Snapdragon chipset. Well, Techblog has somehow acquired a PowerPoint presentation that supposedly contains Toshiba’s 2009-2010 roadmap (or at least a part of it). The leaked images show not only the basic characteristics of the next phones from the TG series, but also three other devices (K01, K02, L01) that are also based on the Snapdragon platform. Probably, all of them would be running Windows Mobile 6.5. However, there is no information whether the last three will be phones or devices that will use phone modules for internet access only. The L01, for example, has a 7” display - something we don’t normally associate with a handset.

Anyway - the presentation slides state that TG02 is scheduled for an early Q4 launch and will be basically a water-resistant TG01. The TG03 will come a little bit later and will feature a 5MP camera and a 5.1-channel sound system.

We hope to get more details soon as some of the pictured devices look quite promising.

source: TechBlog (translated) via UnwiredView

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