Toshiba TG03 being delayed to support Windows Phone 7 Series?

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Toshiba TG03 being delayed to support Windows Phone 7 Series?
The Toshiba TG01 was by no means a stranger as it was one of the pioneers in truly being considered a high-end Windows Mobile smartphone with its blazing fast Qualcomm Snapdragon processor on board. It seems like nowadays that we hear about numerous devices with specs that easily meet, and even exceed, the ones that the TG01 offered a while ago. Now that the announcement of Windows Phone 7 Series has really hit the industry hard, Toshiba is taking it with great strides as they see the new platform as an opportunity as opposed to an issue. They're not really too upset about the news about Windows Phone 7 Series not being backwards compatible with last generation applications. Rob Wilkinson, General Manager of Toshiba Australia Information Systems Division, said "Toshiba Australia is seriously looking at what opportunities are out there for us in the Smartphone market. We are talking to retailers and carriers. I have a model in my draw and we will make a decision shortly". They have their intentions on bringing along a brand new Windows Phone 7 Series phone with new applications that'll simultaneously work on both Toshiba notebooks and netbooks. From what's being rumored so far, the Toshiba TG03 will be a variant of the existing TG01 and will feature a 5-megapixel camera and 3 channel speaker with 5.1 sound – it was intended to be launched with Windows Mobile 6.5, but now it most seemingly might be delayed to get Windows Phone 7 Series on board.

source: smarthouse via wmpoweruser



1. htc_prep

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Another phone that won't see U.S. carriers

2. Kiltlifter

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lol yeah... i wish it would though... oh well, I am stil excited for WP7S.

3. DrewVL

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