Top Secret Zumba phone coming before next Christmas?

Top Secret Zumba phone coming before next Christmas?
We have seen cellphones made by computer companies, television manufacturers and even watch makers. If this BBC report is true from the UK now comes a "Top Secret" phone made by a British company that produces technology for ejector seats. But before you start imagining a device that takes calls and then flies out of your hand, into the air, and lands a few yards away, this company is serious. I.A. Technology is the moniker of this firm and they apparently have developed a cellphone that they claim has the "first fully accurate voice recognition system for mobile phones." At the same time, they also claim that the phone-dubbed the Zumba phone-is so secret that even the BBC cannot film it. The model has a removable earpiece that is used for the voice control. The phone connects to an internet site called Zumba Lumba and this portal will hold all your contacts. And, should someone steal this unit from you, it instantly will stop working for the thief. According to this report, the company wants this out before next Christmas. Better start adding it to that list you've been making for Santa.

source: ZumbaLumba via Engadget

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