Tony Hawk game is for "real" on the iPhone & "dropping soon"

Tony Hawk game is for
We're pretty sure that there are some skateboarding games out there on the iPhone, but it's really difficult to imagine them without the name Tony Hawk associated to them. Even to this day there have been many that tried to emulate the success of the Tony Hawk skateboarding games on consoles, but few can remotely stand toe-to-toe with it. There was no doubt that the Tony Hawk franchise would eventually make its way into the mobile gaming world with a port of one of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater games making its way to the iPhone. With that in mind, the man himself responsible for most of the success tweeted some news about the upcoming game and also posted a photo to keep people excited about it it. He tweeted, “In the PR world, this is considered “going rogue,” but I’m too excited to contain it. This is real & dropping soon.” Although the photo does clearly display him showing off the game so far, it's too quick to judge its playability on Apple's bundle of joy. There should be plenty to look forward to as this game will most likely be here sooner than later.

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source: Twitter via Redmond Pie & TiPb



1. theGodpapa

Posts: 181; Member since: Dec 15, 2009

it will take 4 years to get approved by Crapple and then it will be removed a week later for excessive use of the word " sick " Steve Jobs will deem the word "sick" as not cool, like Flash!

2. jhoots

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lol.. i like the satire but i believe this will get push through very quickly. Tony Hawk has made billions off his pro skater games. Apple and AT&T probably have dollar signs in their eyes right now.

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