TomTom prefers Android to BlackBerry

TomTom prefers Android to BlackBerry
In an interview for Pocket-lint, Benoit Simery of TomTom states that their next goal, after rolling out an app for the iPhone, will be to release a version for Android. This is a logical decision and there are at least three reasons to back it up. First, the company has had quite a successful partnership with one of the major manufacturers of Android-based handsets, HTC. Secondly, TomTom and Google are partners and it´s the same community behind Google Maps that has been taking care of the Tele Atlas maps for quite some time now. Finally, TomTom´s software needs large, touch-sensitive screens to shine and that´s why the company didn´t opt for RIM, the last major smartphone manufacturer without a navigational app tailored to their platform. Information about the pricing and release date of the app for the Google-made operating system is still missing though. We wonder if TomTom should follow the example set by Garmin-Asus and develop their own Android-based handset.

sources: Pocket-lint and Android and Me



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