Timely is a gorgeous new alarm clock for Android with cross-device syncing

Timely is a gorgeous new alarm clock for Android with cross-device syncing
It may be one of the most basic apps on your smartphone, but it is also one of the most important, which is why a good alarm clock app is a worthwhile investment. Sometimes, it can be hard to choose the best, but if you heavily weight your decision on looks, you may want to give Timely a try, because it is a new alarm clock app that is absolutely gorgeous.

Timely Alarm Clock is a free app, but it includes a number of add-on premium features that can be unlocked both through an in-app purchase, or through spamming your friends on your favorite social network. The UI is lovely, with a heavily customizable color palette. The alarm clock app itself is easy to set, and comes with a few sounds, as well as a cool "Smart Rise" feature, which will pulse music softly in the 30 minutes leading up to your alarm time to try to catch you when you're coming out of a sleep cycle. 

One of the best features is that the app will sync your alarms across your devices; and, the app is optimized for all devices running Android 4.0.3 and up, so it will look good on your smartphone all the way to your 10-inch tablet. There is a widget and Google Now integration as well. 

You will get access to all of the premium features for free for 5 days, and after that you can purchase the full unlock bundle, which includes ad-removal, more themes, more sounds, the syncing option and more, for $2.99. Or, you can unlock only the things you want, like no-ads for 99 cents. And, of course, as we mentioned, you can unlock things by referring more friends to the app using your referral code (which we will not be doing here, so as not to abuse our power). 

It really is a lovely app, and definitely worth a look. You can download Timely Alarm Clock for free. 

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