Tim Cook talks new product category launch in 2014 (Apple iWatch?)

Tim Cook talks new product category launch in 2014 (Apple iWatch?)
We've seen the fiscal Q4 2013 earnings report from Apple, and the numbers are a mixed bag. While revenues were up, profits were down because the average revenue per device keeps dropping. The general thinking is that Apple needs a boost, and CEO Tim Cook is making it sound like Apple will be looking for that boost by launching a new product category next year.

Cook has hinted at new product categories before, but this time he specifically noted that the company saw significant opportunities in new product categories, and talked about "great new products in areas where [Apple does] not participate today". Cook referred to new products that we just saw, and new products coming "across 2014". But, Cook was careful to note that he hasn't promised anything, he's just speaking theoretically about how Apple could do this if it wanted. 

Of course, the top suspect for a new Apple product category is the iWatch. There is always a possibility that Apple could put out a TV (which could be named the iWatch), but the assumption is that the iWatch will be a smartwatch to compete with current offerings from Sony, Pebble, and Samsung, as well as expected future offerings from Google, Motorola, Microsoft, Nokia, and LG. 

source: The Verge



1. woodshop20

Posts: 459; Member since: Sep 14, 2013

Apple's smartwatch will succeed because it's made by Apple; the TV will flop because noone will be able to afford a $10,000 TV.

12. Finalflash

Posts: 4063; Member since: Jul 23, 2013

They can afford it, last I checked kidneys e easily go for that much on the black market. Apple users are probably aware of that, they've been known to be human/organ trafficking savvy.

18. TechKnowledge

Posts: 55; Member since: May 05, 2013

Holy Moly! One of the best sarcastic comments ever! I can't stop laughing! Lol

21. testman22

Posts: 339; Member since: Nov 03, 2009

About 10 years ago you'd probably say no one could afford $700 cell phones, but somehow you have little kids walking around with these things.

22. Long1

Posts: 399; Member since: May 18, 2013

10 years ago cell phones was not pocket PC.

26. testman22

Posts: 339; Member since: Nov 03, 2009

Exactly. 10 years ago televisions weren't "smart". People's perceptions of tvs will be changing and so will their willingness to pay higher prices.

23. Long1

Posts: 399; Member since: May 18, 2013

Apple's smartwatch could sell because it's made by Apple and Apple have zombies. But never will be success. Tim Cook talks new product category NOW, because have to keep the APPL stock. TV era is gone soon, Only displays are the near future.


Posts: 91; Member since: Feb 13, 2011

Smart watch probably yes. Smart TV is not likely since it is already categorized. The new category might be a wearable device. Secondly, the new product is something will unify all devices. The key words, unify or one system or platform. Perhaps start in iPhone, then push into cloud, and travel with you and also throughout other devices for productivity until complete in a smart TV for presentation. All about transition and flow from one to other with ease. So a smart wearable device or smart device that unify all in one which happens while in transit or travel in a car or on the go.

2. DaHarder

Posts: 177; Member since: Oct 10, 2009

This is likely just another case of Apple's 'new product category' simply meaning yet another variation on the same old iOS theme. iPhone... iPod Touch = iPhone sans the Phone, iPad = iPod Touch Super-Sized with added Menus on the Side aka Tablet Optimized, iPad Mini = Slightly Smaller iPad at a Slightly Smaller Price... iWatch = iPod Touch for the Wrist + Notifications. We'll See... (or not) Soon Enough.

3. _PHug_

Posts: 482; Member since: Oct 11, 2011

Going to be an Apple phablet with a pen The iPhab

7. Miracles

Posts: 560; Member since: Aug 31, 2013

Definitely a possibility, but Apple has too much pride. They might consider that to be similar to S-pen (Samsung), so they not going towards the whole pen thing. But a phablet is a possible.

4. GrapeEyes

Posts: 248; Member since: Sep 01, 2013

Right now Apple is doing everything wrong!! Apple was 3 years ahead of everyone in 2008, now it is 2 years behind its competitors. Tim Cook and the Apple team are incredibly arrogant and so disconnected from its consumers. If Tim Cook really wants to save Apple he will need to: 1, release 2 budget iphones for $125 and $199 2, release a 4.5 inch, 5inch phone 3, release a 6 inch iphone phablet 4, release a budget iPad for $150 5, scrap safari and unrestrict iTunes!!! Once he does that, I will tell him how to take over the market again :)

6. woodshop20

Posts: 459; Member since: Sep 14, 2013

That won't help Apple. I think they should stick to three iPhones and three iPads. iPhones: Budget at $200, Mid-tier at $400, High-end at $700 iPads: Budget at $250, Mid-tier at $350, High-end at $450 Oh, and bigger screens of course. Oh, oh, and fewer IOS bugs as well. Then Apple will be more accessible to more people.

9. Napalm_3nema

Posts: 2236; Member since: Jun 14, 2013

A Microsoft fanboy saying "Scrap Safari"? That's rich. IE usage peaks right after a major update to Windows, or during holiday selling seasons, for a couple of days as users go out and download good browsers. On WP, there are no other good browsers allowed, so everyone is stuck using IE.

15. DAddYE

Posts: 48; Member since: Oct 04, 2013

Sorry dude, but: 1) Apple does not do things for poors 2) This is not android, too much fragmentation 3) I could agree 4) See one 5) Both are perfect to me

17. a_merryman

Posts: 749; Member since: Dec 14, 2011

Lol, budget iPhones for $125 and $199? That isn't happening, they already admitted they aren't interested in making a low-end for the sake of low-end. I could see them making a mid-range for ~$350 though, given the market pressure for them to do so. They definitely need to release larger iphone variants. And it seems like they will release at least one larger variant next year. They're not going to be releasing a budget iPad soon, they should have dropped the original iPad mini to $250 and sold the new one at $350. Safari works great on iOS, its the best out of the browsers I've used. They should allow people to change the preffered apps though (I dont think that will happen). Apple doesn't really need saving yet, they still make tons of money, more and more each year.

19. TechKnowledge

Posts: 55; Member since: May 05, 2013

Sounds like Nokia's strategy to me.

5. hmd74

Posts: 540; Member since: Jan 31, 2013

Why did you remove the news about Google's invitation?!

8. amiaq

Posts: 509; Member since: Jun 30, 2012


11. RoyalPayne

Posts: 458; Member since: Aug 07, 2013

Feeling funny in the ass?

10. jibraihimi

Posts: 816; Member since: Nov 29, 2011

What if Apple surprises us, and launch iGlass next year, competitor to google glass. If this happens then it will be apple's best secretive release since iPhone........

14. Pattycakes

Posts: 22; Member since: Oct 20, 2013

This is apple who we're talking about. So, i'm assuming a terrible iWatch which costs 700,000,000$, most likely it will have amazing sales for a poor device. Eh, but maybe i'll be wrong i hope they actually innovate something new.

13. darkkjedii

Posts: 31529; Member since: Feb 05, 2011

Point blank, apples got a phablet coming out.

16. amiaq

Posts: 509; Member since: Jun 30, 2012

"No one will need larger than 3.5 inch". It seem once you're stretch .. you'll never..

24. darkkjedii

Posts: 31529; Member since: Feb 05, 2011


20. aditya.k

Posts: 496; Member since: Mar 10, 2013

iPhone Mini with 2.5 inch screen!? :/ :P

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