Tim Cook photographed with the Apple iPhone 8 in his pocket?; iPhone 8, iPhone 7s components leak


A tweet sent by Apple CEO Tim Cook late last week shows the outline of what could be the Apple iPhone 8 in the executive's right pants pocket. Cook was Cincinnati to visit  CTS. This company is Cupertino's long time partner when it comes to manufacturing test equipment. Where Cook was is not the story here, obviously. It is the device creating the bulge in his right pants pocket that everyone is fixated on, because the outline reveals that Cook might have been carrying the iPhone 8 on his visit to CTS. The outline is too tall to be an Apple iPhone 7 and is too narrow to be an Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

Besides trying to guess what is in Tim Cook's pants pocket, another iPhone related tweet from tipster Benjamin Geskin allegedly shows the motherboard belonging to the Apple iPhone 7s. The "3217" stamp indicates that the component was produced during the 32nd week of this year, which started on August 7th. We can tell that this board is not from the iPhone 8 because that model will reportedly employ a stacked design, and an "L"-shaped battery.

What we do see is the A11 chipset produced by TSMC using the 10nm process, which means that it will be more powerful and energy efficient than its predecessor. The design happens to match a previously released picture of the Apple iPhone 7 motherboard that appeared in August 2016.

As far as the iPhone 8 is concerned, Geskin tweeted pictures allegedly revealing one of the two layers of the printed circuit board from the device; he also disseminated photographs of the back and front of the iPhone 8 display. According to Geskin, these are going for $5,000 each on the Chinese black market!

A recent report says that Apple will introduce the new 2017 iPhone models, the stand-alone Apple Watch series 3, and more on September 12th.

source: @tim_cook, @VenyaGeskin1 via iDropNews (1), (2)

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