Thieves steal five Apple iPads from Microsoft, leave everything else alone

Thieves steal five Apple iPads from Microsoft, leave everything else alone
A newspaper article from the Palo Alto Daily Post tells the story of some rather discriminating thieves who broke into Microsoft's campus in Silicon Valley. The good news for Microsoft is that nothing with the Microsoft name was taken. The bad news is that the thieves made away with five Apple iPads. Now, no one likes to get ripped off, but it also hurts to get your brand name dissed by thieves over that of one of your rivals.

Stolen from the campus were two Apple iPad 2s, two third-generation Apple iPads and one fourth-generation Apple iPads which was mistakenly referred to as the Apple iPad 4. The paper said that the thefts occurred between December 19th-26th and the value of the tablets taken added up to over $3,000. The paper erroneously said that the Apple iPad 4 had not yet been released. Showing that he is not much of a tech buff, Police Sgt. Sean Thompson attributed the inclusion of the Apple iPad 4 on the report as a typo. And this guy is a sworn peace officer in Silicon Valley? Hmm.

source: 9to5Mac

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