The weirdest places to catch Pokemon in Pokemon GO

It's been less than a week since the official release of Pokemon GO and people have just lost it over the newest AR sensation. Completely. Folks from all over the world have been running around hunting Pokemon wherever and whenever, which has lead to some grim discoveries and unfortunate accidents, and has also spawned a trend of searching for the creatures in the weirdest places possible and screencapping the encounters for the Internet to see. Here are our top pics for the weirdest, funniest and most inappropriate places to nab Pokemon in Pokemon GO:

At a baseball game

Source: Tumblr (unknown)

This one is not so much weird, as it is just clever. 3D models in Pokemon GO are rendered and displayed in a certain size, and are not scaled properly in relation to your surroundings. In other words, if you are playing with your camera on, and position yourself just right, you can make a Pokemon look tiny or enormous. This fellow hit a home run with this great shot of a giant Krabby at the stadium.

In your backyard

Source: Imgur

This guy used the opportunity to play some Pokemon GO while mowing the lawn, when a wild Bellsprout appeared in his path. How very appropriate. We don't know whether the grass-type creature was captured or mowed down.

At the grocery store

Source: Imgur

This Pokemon GO player nabbed a Magikarp in the frozen foods section at a grocery store. We like to imagine that the next entry is by the same person, right after he got home from shopping (though it's probably not).

In the kitchen

Source: Imgur

In the bathroom

Sources: Imgur, Imgur

Smartphones have become a staple of the modern toilet experience. Naturally, eager Pokemon GO players are using the couple of minutes of solitude to check if some wild Pokemon are hiding in their bathroom.

Next to your booze

Source: Twitter

That moment when a wild Pokemon appears to steal your booze, because you've been keeping in on the floor (presumably, for easier access while laying drunk next to your bed).

At the hospital, while your wife is in labor

Source: Imgur

This guy is calmly preparing to catch a Pidgey while his wife is in labor. Further comments on this one are redundant.

On your body

Source: Imgur, Imgur

Yeah, we all knew this was coming.

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