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The third-generation Apple Watch is reportedly launching this year


With Apple being at the top of the wearables market, it only makes sense for us to be seeing a third generation of Apple Watches come out soon. And given how the company has at least one (or maybe two, depending on whom you ask) upcoming product launch, it sure would make sense for the new Apple Watch models to make their debut alongside the new iPhones — that's what happened last year, after all.

And a new report from Chinese-language publication Electronic Daily News indicates this might might actually happen — according to it, the third generation of Apple Watch will be launched by the end of the year.

Not that surprising piece of news, really: Apple sure loves its incremental yearly hardware upgrades, and there is also a new major WatchOS version on the horizon. However, this is our first time actually hearing a rumor about the upcoming wearable's release date.

Curiously enough, the news was buried inside a report concerning Quanta Computer, a manufacturer for the new Apple Watch. Apparently, the company's Watch line is yet to become profitable, though the report mentions this is expected to change once Series 3 (or whatever Apple chooses to call it) gets released. There have been some other rumors about the upcoming wearable, including murmurs of a larger battery capacity and a cellular (a.k.a independent of an iPhone) model.

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