The original HTC Hero is getting the Android 2.1 treatment starting today

The original HTC Hero is getting the Android 2.1 treatment starting today
Even though the GSM version of the HTC Hero was released way ahead of the one offered by Sprint in the US, the original Sense UI handset has been on the back burner for quite some time in receiving the Android 2.1 update. Thankfully the time is finally here after so much waiting done as owners in Asia are the first see the update roll out for the GSM version of the HTC Hero. There was a statement made by HTC through its Chinese Plurk account which confirmed the reality for all these long time HTC Hero owners. As for those European owners, it shouldn't be long before they get in the game with Android 2.1. When you think closely at it, the HTC Hero became the biggest draw for HTC's Sense UI which still manages to be a big attraction for customers; now more than ever with Android 2.1

HTC Hero Specifications | Review

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1. ilia1986 unregistered

So - who said that HTC cares only about selling phones and not software updates?? HTC FTW. And even though the Hero is not an iPhone killer as it was claimed to be at the time - it's still a very good phone.

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