The official Facebook app for Android rolls out, World is now waiting for the next version

The official Facebook app for Android rolls out, World is now waiting for the next version
The long wait is now over. The official version of the app that gives you access to the largest social network on the planet has rolled out and is now available for download from Android Market. Let the celebration begin, trumpets play and of course, champaigne, champaigne for everyone! Or, shall we keep that thought and hold up on the festivities? Well, this might be a good idea indeed.

The app does deliver several really nice features and allows you to follow status and news updates, upload pictures and take a closer look at the "walls" of your buddies. We have to say the first minutes we´ve spent with the app left us rather cold and made us look forward to the next version of the program. How come? For an instance, the widget that shows you the status updates of your online buddies is a neat idea by itself, but pressing it takes you to their "walls" rather than to the section where you can leave comments on what you´ve just seen, which we believe is the logical option. The directory that contains the phone numbers of your Facebook pals seems useful in theory (at least for people who don´t have the HTC Hero, because the feature comes integrated into your contacts on the device), but it comes without search function. Quite unhandy and rather daunting if you have quite a few Facebook friends. Version 1.0 doesn´t deliver news filtering either, not to mention you can look through picture galleries from within the phone browser only (and not directly from the app like on the iPhone). We didn´t encounter any issues using the app on our G1, but quite a few owners of the HTC Hero and Magic are complaining the app won´t work at all. 

Keeping in mind this is just version 1.0, we can say the app is not bad, although we do think it´s going to take a lot of work until we can finally say Facebook for Android is as good and useful as the version for the iPhone.

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