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The new Windows Phone 8.1 dynamic lockscreen can look pretty svelte (video)

The new Dynamic Lockscreen coming with Windows Phone 8.1 looks pretty svelte (video)
Amongst the laundry list of new goodies that come with the newest Windows Phone 8.1 mobile OS version of Microsoft, one real possibility is the so-called "dynamic" lockscreen. It builds on the already rich WP lockscreen functionality that allows animations, lively notifications and real-time updates by letting 3rd party developers access the API, and create even trendier, interactive lockscreens. For now, Microsoft is keeping the APIs private, but is evaluating opening them up to the dev world soon.

The apps can basically hijack the lockscreen completely, show any type of information and don numerous ways to interact with the lockscreen app. If the video below is any indication, some pretty awesome things can be done with the dynamic lockscreen feature. As you can see, some Zune-style album art pops up briefly on the lockscreen, with interactive music controls that can be called in for a good measure. If this is a sign of things to come with the developer access to the lockscreen APIs, we cross fingers that Microsoft gives unrestricted green light to the shenanigans below, arriving with Windows Phone 8.1.

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