The last Symbian update, FP2, was the last Symbian update

The last Symbian update, FP2, was the last Symbian update
Sometimes the simplest inquiry can reveal the expected, yet profound news at the same time. A user of the Nokia Drive app for the Nokia E7 reported a bug and recommended solution to Developer Nokia.

The response from Nokia Developer support was not unexpected, but perhaps a little surprising nonetheless.  However, there is no way to misconstrue the meaning. The last update to Symbian, Belle Feature Pack 2, was the final update to Symbian.  Symbian is now in maintenance mode.

We all knew that Symbian was going to wind down into some type of maintenance mode after Nokia made the announcement that it was going all-in with Windows Phone. What was perhaps not as well known was how the wind down would progress. There was some discussion that FP2 would be the last update to the platform, but it seemed to happen so quietly.  Belle FP2 (also known as Symbian Donna) should have rolled out to the Nokia 808 PureView and Nokia 701 by now as well as the older Symbian^3 devices like the Nokia E7 and Nokia N8.

Those updates may have been delivered via app updates rather than going through carrier testing to update the whole OS. So, if you recently performed a bunch of app updates to your widgets, calendar and other embedded apps to your Symbian device, chances are you got the last feature pack.

The end of an era has arrived, and the beginning of “maintenance mode” is underway. What the future holds is uncertain. We do hope more will be revealed.

sources: DailyMobile and Developer Nokia via All About Symbian

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