The iPhone X pumps iOS share in important markets, offsetting its slow uptake

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In the latest installment of the iPhone-X-sells-bad saga, analysts are rushing to explain that, even though Apple may have cut the Q1 orders for the handset, and is expected to forecast much lower sales numbers for the current quarter, it's all been worth it for the company when it comes to the bottom line. Not only has the iPhone X likely raised the average selling price of iPhones to record heights, which will more than offset the tepid sales predictions, in terms of operating profits, but the notch-y handset has evidently pushed the iOS market share and loyalty way up in important markets.

This final point comes courtesy of today's Kantar report, and the research firm plotted the iPhone X to be among the three best-selling devices in Europe, Urban China, Japan, Australia and, of course, the United States. As you can see from the stats below, the iOS uptake in urban China has been huge, with a 10% increase, and, given that this is the largest cell phone market in the world, Apple's iPhone X pricing strategy may have born fruit, as analysts still predict a record quarter to be reported on Thursday by Apple after market close. As per Kantar's Dominic Sunnebo:

source: Kantar

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